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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Wonder Sometimes About the Lies....

This may sound a little uncharitable, but to be honest, I think that the truth is the truth.  If I offend anyone, let him be offended.

I am in a conversation regarding John Corapi...the following was said...

Why does he look like a hell's angels member? :blink:
(regarding his dress on a YouTube channel.)

The reason is that it's a persona change. That's why. Also, for the older yuppies, Harley Davidson clothing is a "cool" look right now.

I think that it's deplorable that he has the same attitude as the rest of society..."If it doesn't suit ME, then I don't want to do it." Being a priest isn't about John Corapi. Being a priest is about abandoning the self and dedicating one's life to God. Bottom line, end of story.

The fact that John Corapi has left "active ministry" is a telling tale. If he is a priest forever. Based upon the following video from John Corapi proves him to be a liar. A LIAR!!!


  1. Satan is using John Corapi to take our focus off of God. Satan wants us to rant and rave about the sins of others so that we stop looking at our own sinfulness. Satan is using this to continue his mission of ripping the Church apart. Pray for John Corapi. His soul is in danger. Pray for those who put too much of their faith in a man. Man is a fallen creature. Only God is perfect. He is where our Faith should always lie.

  2. I understand what you're saying Theresa, but honestly, John Corapi could have chosen the more difficult road. He has proven by his actions that he does not believe in what he had been preaching.

    I pray for him daily, as he is a priest forever, but it was his choice, through free will to abandon his priesthood. This isn't a possession by Satan, this is a selfish action by a man who thinks himself better than the situation he is in.

    If he had any real conviction, he would have stood his ground and fought. He would have submitted to his superiors. Let's not forget, that if he is such a holy and Godly man, then it should have been easy for him to stand and fight, as opposed to tucking tail and running.

    The thing that we have to remember about Satan "ripping the Church apart" is that Satan has already lost. We know that the Church will not fall, so we need to stand firm in her....unfortuantely, John Corapi, a priest forever, decided that he didn't need to do that.

    What is the far more noble thing to do...Wear a Harley jacket and cry foul, or live out one's vows?

    This isn't all about Satan using John Corapi, this is also about John Corapi using the Catholic Church.