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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Now?

So the election is over.  Boo.  It isn't what I wanted in a result, but I am very well aware that I don't always get what I want.  It's interesting though, now we have to move on.  We have to do what we can as Catholics to forward the idea and ideal of Catholicism in America.

Our mission has not changed.  We must promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We must hold the Catholic line regarding the non-negotiables.  We must protect innocent life, we must protect marriage.  We lost the election on the national level, but in many places we won the state battle.

I am of the opinion that we, as Catholics, must mobilize and we must lobby.  We must fight.  We must NOT relent on the issues which threaten our country.  We must do this systematically.  We must do this efficiently and we must do this with a POSITIVE attitude for change.

Find your local abortion mill, whether it be Planned Parenthood or some other place and protest publicly.  Follow the necessary steps and prayerfully protest.

Find your State Representative and State Senator's office and make it clearly and concisely known that abortion and so-called "same sex marriage" is not acceptable.

Find your National Representative and Senator's office and do the same thing.

Finally, go to Holy Mass and pray.  Pray for the leadership of this country to embrace a properly formed conscience.  Pray for the local, state and national leadership to do what is right and good.  Catholic thought is not just Catholic, it is universal.  It is right thinking and it is truly diverse.

My prayer for the next 4 years is that the damage is limited.  My prayer for the next 4 years is that we can affect a change.  But we must be clear in our goal, we must be clear in our action and we must be clear in our thought.  Emotions play a part, but that part should be a small part.  We must remain logical and reasonable.

We must accomplish our goals.  We must end abortion and we must support the proper definition of marriage.  These are things that are not negotiable.  These are man made interventions into divine law.

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