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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Proper Adoration and Proper Worship

It was recently said by an acquaintance,

I have watched our school children stand to receive Holy Communion at our school Masses and this year, I have watched them kneel to receive. There is a big difference and what is being conveyed to these children when they kneel is that something out of the ordinary is happening when they receive our Lord in Holy Communion and that they should fall to their knees in adoration! Isn't this what Pope Benedict is saying by insisting that people kneel when he distributes Holy Communion?
My response to that is;

It is what the Holy Father is saying, but isn't it sad that it has come to this?  Isn't it sad that proper adoration is out of the ordinary?

When we talk about the crisis of faith, it all comes down to that.  It all comes down to the fact that we have lost the ability to properly adore and worship God the Father, through the Son, from which the Holy Spirit proceeds.  When we catechize,  THAT is the crux of the new evangelization.  THAT is the key to bringing Catholicism back.

When we ask ourselves about the Mass, when we ask ourselves about Vatican Council II, we must ask does the reformed Mass convey proper adoration and proper worship based upon 2000 years of the Church?  Does Vatican Council II convey proper theological, philosophical, and Catholic thought based upon 2000 years of the Church?

We can argue about the form of the Mass and we will, we can argue about the Council and we will, we can argue about theology, philosophy and Catholic identity, and we will.  What it all comes down to though is proper worship and adoration.  If we understand those two things above all others then we understand the Church, not the Church since 1965, but the Church since her inception.

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