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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Clarification on Ecumenism and Religious Tolerance

With regard to Ecumenism, I think that we absolutely must return to the proper and traditional understanding of what we're talking about and that isn't "ecumenism," but rather; religious tolerance with a goal of reconciliation and conversion.

My position is this, as applied to Religious Tolerance (and this piggy backs my previous post):

1. When dealing with other Christian sects, other than the Orthodox, we must view this as a matter of CATECHESIS. It is rehabilitating a heresy, namely Protestantism. This also encompasses the continued catechesis of Catholics (faithful and dissenting) as well.

2. When dealing with the Orthodox, we must be ECUMENICAL. While they are in schism (let's not forget the excommunications were lifted), they are an authentic Church with apostolic succession. Insofar as this is the case, the manner by which we deal with them as a matter of rehabilitation is a very precise form of catechesis. It isn't about rehabilitating a heresy (in all cases), but rather it is about reuniting a Church to which has split.

3. EVANGELIZATION is how we must deal with the non-Christian, including the Jews.

The understanding of Religious tolerance has almost been completely usurped by the idea of "ecumenism," which in my view is not consistent with tradition and is the second major spur of the hermeneutic of rupture.

We must return to proper definitions. The Church operates off of definitions, so we must properly define those things which are applied. Improper and incorrect definitions lead to error and ecumenism, as defined by Vatican Council II assumes that all other ecclesial communions and non-Christian faith traditions are Churches. That is simply not the case.

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