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Thursday, February 2, 2012

It Can Happen...We Must TALK to Our Pastors and Bishops

From our friends over at NLM:

In the recent, January 29th Sunday bulletin of the Oxford Oratory, we read the following very good news which takes effect today, the Feast of the Presentation:

What is particularly nice to read is not only that this is being effected, but also the fact that it has also been popularly desired -- a source of yet further encouragement. Our best wishes go out to the Fathers and faithful of the Oxford Oratory. May yet more follow a similar course.

High Altar of the Oxford Oratory
(Photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP)
Talk to your parish priets, talk to your bishops.  This is important to understanding our patrimony.  Tell your pastors and priests and bishops that you want them to lead us in the liturgical Sacrifice.  Tell them that the most visually appropriate way is by ad orientem worship.
Help to keep the movement alive.  The movement to end the Protestant notion of versus populum worship.  It is inauthentic and there is no basis for it in Catholic worship.  We must have courage and we must set the tone.  If we don't, who will?  It is our right to have the Mass properly celebrated.  Ask your priests, pastors and bishops to do so.  Be diligent and don't stop.

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  1. Yes, dear heart, it is hopeful. Thank you so much for posting it, and for urging us to 'ask our priests, pastors, and bishops to do so.' I have just finished my Angelus magazine survey and said that our leadership needs to help us organize lay action groups that will systematically follow this very plan. We would be more effective by far in little regional clubs that make a plan and then try to carry it out (like perhaps passing out leaflets in high population areas directed at Catholics regarding this issue, and others).

    By the way, thanks for visiting my little blog.