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Friday, May 11, 2012

A Letter: Look Deeper Than the Words....

This letter was written by a personal hero of mine.  Bear Bryant.  It isn't specifically about Catholicism or being a traddy, but sometimes it doesn't have to be.  Sometimes we can take away from other sources what it means to hold ourselves to a standard.  That standard, I believe, is reflected in this letter.  From  Bear Bryant:
Dear Chris:
You will be expected to report for football practice August 17. We will expect you to arrive in the afternoon and our first meal will be served that evening at the dorm.
On the 18th, you will take your physical, including the mile run, get your room and locker assignments and participate in Photographer’s Day in the afternoon. Our first practice will be on the morning of the 19th.
I am expecting you to report in top physical condition, clean-cut, smiling, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and raring to go. Also, I am expecting you to be prepared to run, hit, pitch, kick, catch, sweat, smell and enjoy it. There are no easy ways but there are ways to enjoy the journey and we must find them.
I am also expecting you to work hard, eat well, sleep well, play well, display a winning attitude at all times, be a leader and help me sell the squad on what it takes to win and enjoy the journey.
I hope you will share your problems with me whether it be at home, at the dorm, in your school work, with teammates, with coaches, with training regulations, self-discipline or even flying a kite. If you do that, I will try to help you and, if I can’t, I’ll recommend you get a job, join the Army, or join the Foreign Legion, but, in any event, to reside in another state.
Nothing’s too good for winners. I want to love you, pat you, pet you, brag on you and see you hoot, run and shout and laugh, pray, hug, kiss, and win with humility.
If we lose, I want all of us to be unhappy, no one to have any fun, and expect only what is reserved for losers but take it with dignity while planning to come back.
Please remember us to your family and make your personal plans on how you are going to reach your goal – the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
Sincerely, Paul Bryant

Very easily this can be adapted to Catholicism.  Very easily this can be applied to traditionalism.  But be mindful, there is an honesty which must be seen.  This post isn't about the words, it's about the idea.  The idea that man can be better than he is.  That man can strive for the summit.  That man can make the most and that he does not have to settle.  Take care of what you read, understand that Bear Bryant is speaking not just to Chris, but he speaking to every player who ever played for Alabama.  He is speaking to every person who strove to be more than average.  And he expected the best.  This came with the things that make a person great.  This can be applied to what makes a Catholic great.

This is a letter, but look deeper than the words.  Look at the idea.  And when you do, you'll understand why Alabama has more National Championships than any other Division I university in football.  You'll also understand that the men that Bear Bryant put forward were good men.  He expected greatness.  He got it.  If we take that same expectation and we apply it to our Catholic lives, we can expect greatness too.  And we can get it.


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