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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a Spring!!!

As many of you know, I work in the agriculture industry.  More precisely, I work in agronomy in Iowa.  This season has been a challenge, because of all things too much water!  Last year, we faced a drought and we still could this summer if the water turns off, but for now at least, we have too much.

It has been a spring of stop and go.  We would get a good run on spraying and planting and then we would have to stop due to weather.  This is somewhat normal, but not for weeks at a time.  Normally getting a day off, or two is welcome, but it gets very trying patience wise when we cannot run for weeks at a time.

There are roughly 1000 acres of corn left to spray and 99% of beans.  As we progress, we must continue to pray that we have a good end to the planting season.

This brings me to a point.  We used to have Rogation days.  These were days set aside to pray for bountiful crops.  Since the advent of the new calendar, these have been largely forgotten.  I do believe that when we stop praying for something, God stops granting it.  Maybe we need to start begging our pastors to celebrate Rogation days again, so that we might have good seasons.

I will start ramping my posting again, because we're essentially done.  I appreciate your prayers.  I appreciate your readership.  May God keep all of you close!


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