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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fr. Corapi and some considerations....

I think that we need to take a couple of things into consideration when talking about Fr. Corapi....

1. There has been no admission of guilt
2. There has been no proof that he has done anything wrong
3. He has been accused of misconduct
4. His superiors have suspended him and removed his priestly faculties
5. He cannot legitimately function as a priest right now
6. This is temporary, until such time as he has been either proven to be or not to be guilty
7. He needs our prayers
8. He is fallible and the accusations are consistent with his former lifestyle
9. He needs our prayers
10. His teaching and speaking being removed from media outlets is consistent with any priest who is suspended. This should not come as a shock to anyone, as he cannot legitimately exercise his ministry

Please understand that this is a very fluid time. There will be changes, there will be proofs and rebuffs. Please keep Fr. Corapi and the woman in your prayers. They both need it. From my experience in anything that there is an accusation, there is reasoning behind why the accusation is made. The woman felt compelled to say something, is it justified? IDK. More information will come out.

I think that at this point, it is best that we hold tight, pray and accept that Fr. Corapi has been suspended and his faculties have been revoked, if only temporarily. It isn't EWTN's fault, nor is it the fault of anyone's local Catholic radio that they are not promoting his ministry at this time. Because at this time, he has no ministry, which is legitimate in the Church.

On a personal note, I hate that this has happened and I pray that Fr. Corapi is not guilty. I will not judge in any manner until it is settled. This could take awhile.

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