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Monday, October 10, 2011

Times they are a Changin'....And for the Better

I'd be willing to be about a bazillion dollars that this will sweep through the conservative and conservative/moderate dioceses like already has in two.  Read here.

Since 2005 we've not been supposed to be doing this...I think that it shows the absolute lack of respect the USCCB has for the Holy See.  2005!!!!  This isn't an oversight, the impotice is too big, a matter of obedience even!  This is something that was put on ignore!  Praise God for Bishops Olmsted and Morlino.

An excerpt from the bulletin of the Cathedral in Madison:

In the last couple of decades, Communion under both species (with the congregation able to receive the Pre-cious Blood as well as the Sacred Host) has become routine in our experience. I knew (as many of you do) that Communion under both species was first introduced, on a limited basis, after the Second Vatican Council, and that it has become much more common since. What I did not know was that the widespread American practice of offering both species at most Sunday Masses began here under an indult (special permission) given by the Vatican in 1975, which expired in 2005.


Almost no one realized that until very recently. Maybe we can be forgiven for forgetting that we were operating under a temporary indult. After thirty years, something can seem pretty permanent. But it wasn’t. The bishops of our country did apply for an extension of the 1975 in-dult, but that was denied.

So, all over the United States, we now find ourselves needing to bring our practice into conformity with current regulations (and with the rest of the world). In his comments at Chula Vista, Bishop Morlino mentioned a few instances in which Communion under both kinds is still permitted: the Chrism Mass, the Feast of Corpus Christi, for the bride and groom at a Nuptial Mass, and for those so allergic to wheat that they cannot tolerate even low-gluten hosts.

He suggested that the beginning of Advent (when the new translation of the Missal is fully implemented) would be one plausible date to make the change.

Mons. Holmes (rector of the Cathedral and administrator of the Newman Center at U-dub) is far more charitable than me.  As it is, the message is clear and the responsibility is ours to bring to the attention of our pastors and administrators that at the parish level we expect conformity with the law.  Praise God for the wisdom of the Holy See.

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  1. I am so blest to have Bishop Morlino and Msgr. Holmes as my pastors.