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Monday, October 17, 2011

Regarding Porta Fidei

I think that first, the Holy Father wants to set straight that the "Year of Faith" is a concrete move toward applying his hermeneutic of continuity to all aspects of Vatican Council II and the proper implementation of it, as well as the proper reading of the documents. For he says;

 I would also like to emphasize strongly what I had occasion to say concerning the Council a few months after my election as Successor of Peter: “if we interpret and implement it guided by a right hermeneutic, it can be and can become increasingly powerful for the ever necessary renewal of the Church.” (PF 5)
This then begs the question and I think that it is a proper question to ask, To what end should we, the faithful, expect the liturgical, ecclesiological, and "ecumenical" (read: religious tolerance) life of the Church to be renewed?

These seem to be the biggest issues facing the Church and the most ambiguous with regard to reading and implementing Vatican Council II.

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