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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anglicanorum Coetibus in Action

I received the following correspondence from Deacon Chori Seraiah yesterday.  I have been given permission to pass this along.  I have my own thoughts to follow!

Please check his blog at:  The Maccabean

I wanted to let you know that both Bp. Pates and Msgr. Steenson have encouraged me to begin working to form an Ordinariate community here in the Des Moines area. If St. Aidan's eventually chooses to join, we will just merge the two together, but for the time being, we can begin meeting as soon as we have just a few people who are interested. Feel free to get the word out to whomever you wish.
Also, I will be saying my first couple of Masses (Anglican Use) at St. Anthony's on Monday, July 9th at 10:00am, and Tuesday, July 10th at 6:00pm. All are invited to this as well (and it may be a good introduction for folks who are curious about an Ordinariate community). 
In Christ,Chori Jonathin Seraiah

I cannot express to you how many prayers are being answered.  I know that God works in his own time, but this is providential.  Des Moines is in need of a Traditional outlet, and this very well could be it.

Fr. Seraiah and I have talked extensively and he will be starting a mission for the Ordinariate in Des Moines area. This means a couple of things. 1. He'd like to invite as many Catholics to assist at his Mass and see what the Ordinariate is all about. 2. There will be another option for receptions of the Sacraments, albeit in a different, but more traditional way. 3. Think of this as something akin to an Eastern Catholic Church for the time being. It has it's own traditions, it has it's own heritage, but it is 100% Catholic and it is 100% within the scope of Holy Mother Church. 4. For those who are curious as to how the Mass is celebrated, the best way to describe it is that it is like the Tridentine Mass, only in English, but the English is High English...a lot of thee's and thou's. It isn't like going to your typical Novus Ordo parish.

A couple of other things, the Seraiah's homeschool. They REALLY are interested in attracting other homeschooling families, not only because of the shared interest, but also because it can be a way of fostering a unified form of traditional worship which remains 100% Catholic, through a new and fresh lens. It also opens the door to dialogue and fellowship. While I've done a lot of talking about the Mass, there is more to the Ordinariate than the Mass. The Seraiah's would really like to see the homeschooling families have a place to call their own and Father feels able to provide that, if it be God's will.

Finally, what is there to lose? If it is too much or if it is not enough, taking a couple of weeks and seeing the universality of Holy Mother Church at work can bear fruit. This is 100% traditional. This is 100% unique. An invitation has been given, by +Pates and by Mons. Steenson to get in on the ground floor of a new expression of orthodoxy within Holy Mother Church. Will it be for everyone? No. But, it is a new option where one didn't exist before.

God's love does reign supreme. He has put the Ordinariate in Des Moines for a reason. I believe that it is to give traditionalism a start on life in an area where it is very hard to find. Please come and support Catholicism in both a new and traditional way. Who knows...maybe you'll be like might just like it. I know I'll give it a try.


  1. Looking for a church and am definitely interested. Came across this today after googling St. Aidan's out of curiosity. You can add me on Facebook if you wish to follow up!

    -Darrin Rasberry

  2. Darrin,

    I'll add you to facebook. Once Father is ordained priest, we'll touch base about the mission.