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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And So the Ordinariate Begins, in Iowa...

On Monday, I had a very long conversation with Fr. Chori Seraiah. He has asked me to start making contact with regard to the Ordinariate and the mission that he is starting.

He would like to get a sense of how many people would be interested in assisting at his Mass. He is not asking for a firm commitment, but rather something more exploratory.

Let's not forget that this is a completely new endeavor within the Church and it is something which is truly grass roots. I know of a couple of families who are already interested, but I would be remiss if I didn't approach the Traditional Catholics in Iowa group. There is something inherently Catholic about what the Ordinariate is doing and it starts with the faithful.

While it is a different look at being Catholic, it is Catholic and it is traditional. One of the big advantages to the Ordinariate is that it is insulated to a large degree from the Modernist tendencies of today's Novus Ordo liturgies. Also, the theological attitude is very traditional.

So, right now I'm trying to gauge interest. I know that there are a few who are interested, but Father would like to see who else might be. I can do my best to answer any questions which might arise, as I've already asked a lot to Father and he's answered them for me, but if there is something I can't answer, I'll certainly take it to him and get a response ASAP!

If there are questions, please put them into the combox and I will address them there.  Thanks!!!

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