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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bishop Paprocki: The Upcoming Vote

This is important, please watch.  As Catholics we must heed the words of Bishop Paprocki!  They are balanced and very important for us to understand as we enter into the election season.


  1. The Bishop though is stressing platform to the exclusion of other factors such as that Romney also allows abortion for rape, incest and health of mother and Romney or Obama will pick the next supreme court justices. It will not be their party or platform that chooses the justices. Prof Schneck of CUA was odd for putting a percent of abortion increase under Ryan but the Weekly Standard's response was just as odd for not noticing that there is a problem despite a lack of precedent and if you reduce medicaid by $810 billion on the Fed's side like Romney Ryan, and if medicaid funds 37% of the births in the US, then something has to give. The upper bandwidth of income qualifying for medicaid will shrink. Those females then making just above the cut off income will now have to pay out of their own pocket for either childbirth or abortion and abortion is way cheaper. That is not Ryan's fault IF he believes that otherwise we will go bankrupt. But some of the Bishops then wonder why he wants military untouched. Wars with muslims seem to produce nothing but national debt additions....much like Vietnam. The anti Ryan Bishops though are silent because Obama is an institutional threat to Catholicism on the insurance mandate. There could be a memo from Dolan to other Bishops that that factor overrides which candidate will actually enable more abortions....either by laws or by cuts.

  2. Bill,

    I've read the same things you have and I largely agree. The political issue of abortion is so great and so manifested in this country that the untangling of the morality from the political will initially cause perceived harm to a greater extent.

    However, if even on the surface, Romney/Ryan are trying to limit abortions, then it is better than that which Obama is actually doing by liberalizing abortion to a staggering number.

    I am no fan of the bishops statement on voting practices, but I can honestly say that it doesn't matter. I do believe that there is a very solid instance for supporting the lesser of two evils in this election. What I do know is that Romney/Ryan are less pro-abortion than Obama/Biden. So, I must vote that direction.

    However, please don't misunderstand me. If we can get Romney/Ryan elected, then we can more readily deal with these issues you bring up. If we cannot get them elected, then we have none of those problems and simply have to continue to fight Obama's evil politics.

  3. I actually think the 47% video and it's two conflations by Romney were fatal.
    He conflated those not paying income taxes with those who don't take responsibility for their lives ( social security elderly, families with multiple offspring but modest income were thus insulted). And he conflated those not paying income tax with those who receive a government check and feel like victims ( retired military families with multiple children and modest incomes were inter alia insulted).
    People totally on welfare are only 4.1% of the population ( only some take no care of their lives) and a prolife person would want some of them to stay there deserted females with little children and no skills. Do we really want that girl with 4 year old twins working at Burger King and leaving her children
    where? and at what cost to another check from a different governmental program? When America chose long ago to make divorce possible and legal and then through no fault divorce, to make it likely, in those events America broke down family caring for family. The anabaptists greatly fought against the resultant forces. Catholicism at the end of time will look more Amish in some ways not all. The Amish have not contributed to great health progress through science. But they are a poetic signing of family.