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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Musical Patrimony...Has It Been Completely Lost?

I spoke about this late last year, but honestly I think that I need to bring it up again.  What has happened to the musical patrimony of the Church?  The Mass is a song.  In and of itself it is sung.  It doesn't need help from hymns, it doesn't need "contemporary updating."   Vatican Council II specifically spoke to this by expressing that Gregorian Chant should still be the norm.  Yet we get Curtis Stephan and the Mass of Renewal.  Blech.  I know that some will look at this as a matter of taste.  It is.  But it is more.  The Church has a set way of singing the Mass, why change it?  For the sake of change?  Or something else?  To make it more palatable to the Protestants....

Listen below and tell me if you hear the similarity.  Remember, the secular has no place in the sacred.

compared to this...

No place.  The comparison can be made to easily and there is no place for this musical style in the Mass.  The profane (not vulgar) is not apt for Mass.  Leave it on Broadway.

Why not have this....

Too Catholic?

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