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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breathe...We All Need to Breathe....

Over the last week or so, we've all been subject to a bevy of emotions.  We've had highs, thinking that the HHS Mandate was going to be overturned.  We've had lows, when we realized that Roberts apparently didn't vote the way we wanted him to vote.  We've had ups, with the apparent reconciliation with the SSPX, we've had downs, with the leaks that the SSPX are not going to accept.

I was listening to the radio on my drive home from Des Moines last night.  As I was listening, I was listening to this commentator go on and on about how bad the state of things are right now.  Something washed over me and that the conservative pundits are buying into the hype.  I wonder what would happen if they just didn't.  I wonder what would happen if the conservative pundits didn't yell that the sky is falling every time the liberals did something?  I know that it would make for boring radio, but seriously, I think that we as a society would be in a better place.

Oh, they will tell you that they are "reporting" things as they see it, but in actuality, they are just as reactionary as the most liberal think tank.

What if rather than finding fault with all that Romney does, they extolled him for the good that he does?  What if rather than finding fault with all that Palin does, they extolled her for the good that she has done?  What if rather than finding fault with George W. Bush, they extolled him for the good that he did?  I wonder how the liberals would react to that?  I don't think that they would react very well, but I do think that the conservatives would be in a better place.

Why is it that we must spell gloom and doom?  Why is it that we should fear for our very lives and buy into the hype that "the sky is falling?"  What if we simply didn't buy into it?  What if we looked at the Roberts issue as one where he exposed Obama as a liar and a cheat.  What if we looked at Roberts not as a new champion of the liberal left, but as an exposer of the liberal left's idiotic positions?  What if we didn't look at the SSPX through the lens of the media which leaks private documents, which invariably are incomplete, but rather waited for Fellay to actually say something?

We live in a time of sensationalism, why?  Because we have too many access points to too many things.  What we don't have is patience.  We don't look at the big picture.  Our response to the HHS Mandate should be to call and write our Congressmen and Senators and let them know that this is unacceptable.  If we want a change in the executive branch, vote in someone new.  And we should not look at the Supreme Courts as legislators of law, but rather judging on whether something is viable as a law.

The more and more I research the ruling Roberts made, the more and more I think that he may be the fox in the hen house.  I am really starting to believe that he has ruined Obama's chances to be re-elected.  The more and more I think about the SSPX issue, the more and more I think that reconciliation will happen.  Look at what the SSPX has fostered:  A complete reversal of the attitude toward the TLM.  A growing understanding that Vatican Council II was not a "super-Council" filled with "super-dogma."  There are a number of other areas which they have affected too....

Bottom line, conservatives need to stop being Chicken Little.  We need to stand up, take a positive look at where we are and realize that we can win.  If Romney is elected President, we will most likely pull the Senate our way.  If the Holy Father REALLY wants the SSPX reconciled, it won't matter if Weakland is the Prefect of the CDF, it will happen.

Stop being reactionary...every election since Reagan has been the most important election since Abraham Lincoln.  And that is just reactionary.  Plain and simple.

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