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Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 Misconceptions.....

1.  Ad Orientem worship.  The priest does not turn his back on us, but rather he leads us in the Sacrifice of the Mass facing the same direction.  Question:  Do you get angry with the people in the pews in front of you for having their back to you?

2.  Communion.  One receives The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity under the accident of bread.  There is no necessity of Communion under both kinds, except to create a role for the laity which should be truly extraordinary.

3.  Latin.  Latin is a liturgical language and should be retained for universal use.  The form of Latin used in the Mass was never a spoken langauge.  It isn't vuglar Latin and it isn't classical Latin.  It is liturgical Latin.  The intelligibility of the language by the faithful is easily achieved by catechesis.  If a 4th grader could learn enough Latin to serve Holy Mass in 1940, then the entirety of the faithful should be able to learn enough Latin to understand the Mass.  Vatican Council II commands that we know it.

4.  Two forms of the Mass.  The TLM (Old Mass) has equal footing with the Novus Ordo (New Mass).  All Catholics should be as familiar and comfortable with the TLM as they are with the Novus Ordo.  According the Holy Father, there is only one Roman Rite, but there are two equal forms.  Take enough time to become familiar with both.

5.  The Altar rail.  The altar rail does not separate the faithful from the altar and priest, but rather it brings the altar and priest to the faithful.  Think about it.

We should be taking time to look at the hows and whys of the Catholic Church, not only from a practical point of view, but also from a Traditional point of view.  The Church has done things the way they have for over 1600 years, only to see it all changed about 40 years ago.  Clearly the changes didn't accomplish what was intended.  Mass attendance is down, understanding of the Faith is lower, and the vocation crisis is as bad today as it was in 1980.  Perhaps if we return to what we know works, we can see the Church grow and recover in these areas.  There is no shame in admitting that the "great experiment" failed.  Thankfully, the Holy Father gave the leaders of the Church an out, by liberalizing the TLMs use.  Maybe we should not miss the forest  for the trees.

There are other examples of misconceptions I can give, but realistically, these are the 5 largest in my opinion.

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