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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I, I, I....Me, Me, Me...

I, I, I….me, me, me…and then “the suffering Church?” Wow!

Can someone explain to me how doing something intrinsically evil provides that same person Grace? I am a loss. Forgiveness and mercy and love…for what? She clearly thinks that what she did was not wrong, so why forgiveness and mercy and love? We are called to be a merciful and forgiving Church. Ok, so lemme stick my neck out…Sr. Margaret, if YOU go to CONFESSION (to the proper authority) and ask for mercy and forgiveness, it will most likely be granted to you. YOUR excommunication will most likely be lifted if YOU recant your position on this abortion, because YOU excommunicated YOURSELF. The Church is merciful, and forgiving and full of love, but YOU, Sr. Margaret must ask for it; not deride the Church for doing something that it is more than willing to do. This is YOUR chapter of faults, all YOU have to do is to ask for absolution and YOU will find those things YOU are looking for. It is there, but YOU have to believe in the Church, believe that the Church will be all of those things to YOU, but YOU don’t believe that, because YOU don’t see the hierarchy as the Church, you only see the faithful as the Church….THAT, Sr. Margaret, IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF PROTESTANTISM. The Church will wait for you, but YOU have to be willing to accept YOUR culpability in the terrible action which YOU supported and participated in (btw, that participation on her part was more than participatio activa, that was participatio actuosa).

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