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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Conversation on Obama, This Past Weekend...

On Friday last, 2/10/2011, I had a conversation with a friend of mine over the following article:  Obama Announces Change In Contraception Coverage Rule After Outcry

Here is how part of the conversation went, me; it Obama's (or any government's) responsibility to attempt to control the population? That's exactly what he's doing. If you put contraception in the hands of people, you necessarily reduce the population.

It is that cut and dry. Contraception is two things, 1) it is not safe. Sure, the instance of pregnancy decreases, but the instance of disease increases, especially cancer; and 2) it is eugenics, plain and simple. Limit the number of children born and you control the population. Why would the government want to control that?

Friend responded;

i agree to an extent. i dont know what the answer is and being a middle class republican i'm not quite sure that i want support more and more people having more babies so more and more of my paycheck supports the ones who aren't resposiblie enough to be able to support them. however, i believe in peoples rights and i want smaller goverrment. i don't usually comment on people's political beliefs nor do i try to influence them on people because their beliefs are different than mine. it just seems like we as republicans want some things but don't want the burdens of not tyring to limit them in other ways... just my opinion.

I responded;

 And I respect your opinion. It hard, but if you adhere to Republican principles, then you have to accept the fact that part of smaller government ACTUALLY empowers the poor to become free of the government system, not to continue to take advantage of a government sponsored eugenics program, which came en vogue during the 1920s and 30s. BTW, who was that eugenics programmed aimed at? Blacks and hispanics....why would Obama support that? Money. Don't believe me, look up Margaret Sanger and see what I'm talking about. Birth control and abortion. BTW, she was a racist who wanted to obliterate the black person. Yet Obama supports it! Why? Money. That is how his political life is paid for.

To make the move that contraception is going to help make population smaller, so that ultimately you won't have to pay more is false. Since the 1930s, how has that worked? There are millions and millions of abortions, there are millions and millions of people using contraception, BUT (and here is the zinger) Obama and his ilk are still telling us that we have to pay more. At what point do we get the break that he's talking about? Or do those of us who are middle class just stay in the middle and continue to get bilked? I think that is the case.

Ultimately, Brad this comes down to one thing from a moral point of view. It isn't religious, but rather it is biological. When does life begin? If life begins at conception, then impeding conception is wrong. If life begins at birth, then contraception is a non-starter. But ask yourself this (it's a low blow, but I'm going to go there)...when did you think of your child as your child? Was it as soon as you knew Ashley was pregnant or was it as soon as she was born? That's the fundamental question here.

Ultimately, from a political point of view, this hinges on the fact that Obama doesn't have the authority to mandate any of this. The President has no right to subvert the Constitution, but that is exactly what's going on here.

I'm not trying to get you to change your mind. You have the right to think what you want. What I am trying to do is look at your own view from a different point of access. The decision is yours. What Obama is doing is incompatible with being a Republican and being middle class, upper class or lower class.

Friend replied;

im not saying i believe what obama is doing is right or wrong. i think people should have a choice to use contraception. whether is birth control, condoms, whatever people want i believe is their choice. who am i to tell some one that they shouldn't be able to use contracpeton. i personally have just come to a point wehre i am sick of everything goign on between republicans and democrats. i want people to come together and take our great country back, and fight to reach a common goal, not fight daily just to fight and get farther and farther away.. whoever does that has my vote regardless of my political classification. if they make my life better, y do i care what side of the fence they come from. there is too much divide, in my opinion. i also did not vote for obama, however i am one that would like to see the guy succeed to make a life better for myself and my family i do not wish he would fail jsut because doesn't share every belief that i have. there would never be a canidate that would share the same beliefs 100 percent of the time your or i do. anyway, there is my two cents. by the way, i am republican im just sick of all the bs.

I responded;

 And that is the big lie! It has never been about you telling people what they can or cannot do! The contraception/abortion issue isn't really about choice, it's about population control and eugenics.

If this was about choice, then we would have the choice to either have it or not. As it is, if Obama's plan goes through, we're all going to pay for it whether we like it or not. Where is the choice in that?

I am with you 100% that I want to get this country together. If I didn't, I would go back to Italy or to Canada. When we look at this issue, Brad, we have to look a two things. We have to look at legal rights and natural rights. This is part of what this country was founded upon. Natural rights are rights not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable. Life falls into this. If someone contracepts or if someone has an abortion, this is impeded. The use of contraception and abortion is contrary to our natural rights in this country. The second, legal rights are those bestowed on to a person by the law of a particular political and legal system, and therefore relative to specific cultures and governments. Life cannot fall into this. If life falls into this, then the government essentially is trying to do what Obama is trying to do and what Hitler did do (look into eugenics in the re-branded as "family planning" because of what was exposed during WWII in the concentration camps. No lie.

Brad, you do have the right to choose. That much I will agree with. But don't think that it makes you "pro-choice." It doesn't. Your ability to choose is based upon a freedom which is trying to be taken away from you. The pro-life lobby has one thing in mind. The protection of children. The anti-life (or so called pro-choice) lobby has one thing in mind. Population control. Which enables and empowers freedom and which is an action of tyranny?

It's interesting that the pro-choice movement is imposing this and taking choice away. Hypocritical isn't it?

And that is the question which cannot be answered.  And that is just part of the lie.

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