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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mentality of SOME Priests....

Over at WDTPRS, there is an article about a priest who is resigning because he cannot celebrate the OF according to the new books.  This is a NO v. NO issue....interesting, no?  Anyhow in the comboxes, there was a comment by a priest, frjim4321.  He says;

Indeed a blue clerical shirt is far worse than a normal shirt.

On the subject of the post, I have done a bit of concelebrating lately and have yet to hear an EP read verbatim from the book. More to the point, I don’t think it’s an issue for the people in the pews. The vast majority have come to participate fully and consciously and do not see “following along in the book” as part of a healthy liturgical spirituality.
I responded thusly;

@ frjim4321;

“The vast majority have come to participate fully and consciously and do not see “following along in the book” as part of a healthy liturgical spirituality.”

Really??? C’mon Father. One cannot participate fully, and consciously if they do not have the opportunity to do so. When a priest or bishop changes the words of the Mass on his own authority, he is not being authentic. Therefore, he is lessening the liturgical experience for the faithful and that is NOT a healthy liturgical spirituality.

I don’t understand this aversion to “following along in the book.” We are a liturgical Church. We necessarily follow a very narrow structure when it comes to the authentic liturgical action, in the Latin Rite. There may be several structures, but the structure of each is clearly defined. And it is that definition which gives the Church her unity. To compromise that is to compromise the unity of Holy Mother Church.

Many people bemoan the SSPX for being disobedient (and they are), but those priests who change the Mass on their own authority are doing the very same thing. They are being disobedient. Maybe it’s time to call a spade a spade, Father. Maybe it’s time for bishops to start suspending priests who are making up their own Eucharistic prayers…that is not Catholic. It is not consistent with Vatican Council II.

By making the statement you do, you are now setting up a parallel magisterium. You are setting up a magisterium of conscience. And that conscience is incorrect, because that conscience is not illumined by the Church, it is illumined by man. Sadly, this is why people don’t go to Mass. This is why churches are faced with closing.

A couple of honest questions for YOU, frjim4321; Why is it so hard to just do what the Church asks of you? Is it because you know better than the Church? Is it because you know better than the bishop? Is it because you know better than the Pope? What exactly is it?

I really don’t understand why being “pastoral” trumps being Catholic. We find our pastors in the Church, we don’t find our Church in the pastors. I’m not Protestant and I am not interested in personal interpretation, yet that is what I’m faced with almost every Sunday. I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting protestantism at Holy Mass.

frjim4321; I am a Catholic. I assist at Holy Mass every Sunday. I am imploring you to please celebrate the Holy Mass according to the books. That is the only way to allow the faithful at your Mass to fully, consciously and actively participate. Anything less is an act of disobedience on the very same level as that of the SSPX. If I were at your Mass this past Sunday, I would have visited your sacristy after Holy Mass. Maybe if I’m at your church next Sunday, I will. You never know.
Interesting.  We as Catholics have the right to take our Church back.  We must start talking to our pastors and telling them that this outdated, incorrect and sad mentality is not Catholic.  They may not follow through, but they will know that their parishoners are paying attention...and not just the liberal ones who are of the same outdated, incorrect, and sad mentality.

We are Catholic.  We are not Protestant.  Please start talking to your pastors.  If they don't listen, please start talking to your bishops.  They do listen.


  1. estimado, la misa nueva es una misa contaminada, es protestantizada, no es ser desobediente no querer rezarla recordemos que fué armada entre 6 seis protestantes y un hereje modernista, aunque la difrazemos y le pongan incienso, es una misa bastarda con la que los modernistas han tratado de desplazar a la verdadera y única Misa Santa. Disculpe ud pero la verdad hay que decirla no se debe ocultar aunque esté aprobada por roma, cuando el papa se equivoca en materia de fe, no se lo puede seguir en el error, ya esto ha sucedido en la historia de la Santa Iglesia

  2. Jorge,

    I do think that there are serious problems with the Novus Ordo, but I don't think that the Mass is invalid. I think that the largest problem comes with the ideas that the mentality of the priests and bishops is that of disobedience toward the Rite.

    If liturgical law is restored, the rubrics are reformed, to be more in line with the pre-Novus Ordo rubrics and given said force of law and "interpretation" is wholly removed, then there might be a chance for the Novus Ordo.

    Until then, the Novus Ordo is like putting lipstick on a pig. The Mass is valid, but it is unseemly and sorely lacking of the beauty due the Sacrament.