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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Father's Love for His Daughter...

My brother Brian posted a story I would like to share, it doesn't have much to do with religion, but it does have alot to do with life...

A father was having a conversation with his daughter one day.  She was bemoaning him about being an "evil conservative."  She went on and on and on about how the system he believed in was tyrannical and that it was individualistic and it did nothing to help his fellow person.  She lamented that conservatives were "in it for themselves and that their views were painfully unaware of the common person."

The Dad was patient with his daughter and let her continue her rant.  At some point in the conversation, the topic shifted to school.  She lauded and praised her teachers and professors about how distribution of wealth was going to save the country.  It was going to be the great equalizer.  The rich would be charitable toward the poor and the poor would be empowered to do all the things they wanted.  There would be perfect harmony.  Her teachers and professors continued on about how the distribution of wealth would make the country more stable and again that the lowly would be raised up.

As the conversation continued, the Dad asked his daughter about how school was going other than bookwork.  He was an alum of the university and he hadn't heard much from his daughter about her social life.  He wondered if she was frequenting the same places he did.  She told him that she didn't have time for that because she was too busy studying and making sure that she kept her 4.0.  Her Dad said that she was doing wonderfully and he thanked her for being so diligent.  She then went on a mini rant about her roommate.  She was going out all the time, frequenting the places that her dad did and was barely getting by with a 2.0.  But, she was on her second boyfriend, something the daughter wanted but didn't have time for and the roommate was constantly being asked to parties.  She was also up for homecoming queen, which elicited a begrudging sense of pride in the daughter, beucase despite the differences, the two were very good friends.

Her dad sat back with a slight smile on his face, seemingly remembering his time in college.  Or so his daughter thought.  She asked her dad; "What is the grin about, Pop?"

He said to her in a very gentle voice...Dear daughter, do me one favor.  Tomorrow when you go back to school, go to your teachers and to your professors.  Ask them to lower your grade point average by one point and give that point to your roommate.  That way, you'll both have a 3.0 and you'll both be in a position to better your lives.  When the daughter heard that, she went ballistic!  She yelled; "Why should I have to do that?  I work too hard at my studies to give up one grade point.  Don't you want me to succeed?  Don't you want me to be the best I can be?  It's not my fault that my roommate parties and has so much fun!  Plus, my teachers would never agree to something so preposterous!!!!"

The daughter's dad sat back, let her finish her yelling, and simply said, "Welcome to being an "evil conservative."  Now you get it."


  1. great story that just might resonate with some of the idealistic young folks who regularly dis vile conservative "old thinkers". thanks for sharing and thanks for the content of your blog in general.

  2. @ georgeinbandon,oregon;

    I can't take credit for it, that belongs to Brian, but I can say that it does make sense. Feel free to rip it off, use it and do whatever you wish with it. It hits home in a very real way.

    Thank you for your readership. It means a lot to me.


    Andy Milam