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Saturday, October 27, 2012

More on Participatio Actuosa v. Participatio Activa

The Novus Ordo can be dressed up all one wants, but in the end, it is still a MAJOR aberration of liturgical theology.  MAJOR!!!!

The idea of participatio activa taking precedence over participatio actuosa must be addressed if there is to be any "real" reform of the reform.  As long as the faithful misunderstand their role in the liturgical action and perceive that they have a right to exercise "ministry" in a way which is anything other than extraordinary then the "real" reform of the reform will never take place.

When the faithful are used on a regular basis when there is no need, when the faithful are used as a norm, then liturgical theology is compromised and the abuse of "full, conscious, and active participation" is continued.  And that is a MAJOR problem.

The role of the faithful isn't to "do stuff" at Holy Mass, but rather the role of the faithful is to worship!  WORSHIP!  The faithful should be uniting their whole mind, heart and soul to the action of the priest, primarily.  The faithful should not be seeing their external action as being fulfilling.  Until that is corrected, there is a discussion about apples, when oranges are on the agenda.

I would argue that in 100% of parishes in the USA there is no need for EMHC's.  On a regular basis there is no need to use them.  The "option" to use the chalice is just that, an option.  There is no basis for it as normative, except when there is a need to fulfill the participatio activa "fix" of the women (and occasionally, men) who want to be in the sanctuary.

That is the real discussion which needs to be had, the rest is just symantics, with regard to the Mass.

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