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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Al Smith Dinner

I hate to say it, but I have to bag on this.

First, I am not at all impressed that Cardinal Dolan invited President Obama to this dinner.  He is arguably the most anti-Catholic President this country has ever seen.  He is definitely the most outwardly pro-abortion President.  I might have been a little less critical had Cardinal Dolan taken the opportunity to catechize (because he is supposedly Christian) President Obama, but he didn't.

It saddens me that Cardinal Dolan used a pro-abort to raise money for the Archdiocese.  I know that it is supposed to be in good fun, but in all reality it is a travesty.  It is a travesty because Dolan had a chance to bring the message and he didn't do it.  It is a travesty because he allowed Obama to speak.  It is a travesty because, like Notre Dame, he gave a stage and a pulpit to a man who embodies everything the Church does not.  I am sure there are other reasons that it was a travesty, but I won't continue on that line.

Secondly, I am not at all impressed because this stage was a chance, a real chance for Cardinal Dolan to admonish and correct President Obama, but he didn't do it.  It was a real chance for Cardinal Dolan to stand up to the tyranny of abortion and he didn't do it.  It was a chance for Cardinal Dolan to shout down the evils which are embodied in the HHS mandate and Obamacare and he DID NOT DO IT!  Cardinal Dolan made jokes instead.

As a Catholic, Cardinal Dolan lost points in my book.  Does that matter to Cardinal Dolan.  Nope.  Does it matter to me?  Yep.  Should it matter to Cardinal Dolan?  Yep.  He is a pastor.  And as a pastor he didn't do his job in this instance.  He played politics and didn't teach the Catholic faith to the greatest extent.

I know that this is my opining.  And for some, this is my whining.  Fine.  Think that.  But honestly, how did Cardinal Dolan benefit Holy Mother Church in New York City, by allowing Obama to speak?

Finally, so as to be clear, I am not all that impressed that he invited Romney either.  He is supportive of abortion too; just in fewer ways and in a more limited circumstance.  Sorry, the mustard should have been cut. Instead it was not even smeared very well.

Too bad.

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