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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tips for Dealing with Abortion Supporters

Tips for dealing with; talking about abortion:

1. Talk about the NORMAL situation:  don’t be bogged down by specific situations.  The answers are not different, but they are more involved and take more time.  Invite them to discuss later one on one, then MOVE ON!
2. What is Abortion?  The deliberate killing of an innocent unborn human being.  It is homicide, by definition.
3. The Reason for Abortion?  Convenience.  An abortion takes place in nearly all situations because the child is not wanted.
4. A Woman has a Right to do what she wants with her own body.  Correct.  BUT the child in her womb is not her own body.  It is a separate body and has a distinct genetic make-up.
5. Because the child relies on the mother for sustenance, that does not give the mother a right to kill the child. Disabled persons and the elderly and infants are reliant on others for sustenance, is the right to kill them morally acceptable?  No.
6. A fetus is not a person.  Yes it is.  All scientific evidence points in this direction.  The genetics point to this, the only difference is the “issue of development.”  An unborn child is not as well developed as an infant who is not as well developed as a child, who is not as well developed as a teenager, who is not as well developed as an adult. Should we be allowed to kill newborns or teenagers?  No.  Therefore the logic doesn’t stand up.
7. When does the fetus become a person?  Make them prove it to you.  No line can be drawn except at conception.
8. Abortion is carefully considered, therefore it is acceptable.  No.  That is irrelevant.  Just because someone carefully considers murder doesn’t make murder acceptable.
9. It’s a personal choice, “I don’t agree….but…”  Yes it is a personal choice, but not all personal choices are acceptable.  Are evil personal choices ok?

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  1. Nicely put Andy. Isn't it amazing how differently the arguments are for someone who is looking at unwanted pregnancies (let's be real- unwanted babies) as a whole vs. someone who is actually IN that situation. Most of the woman in the situation will readily admit it killing a baby. They may not identify it as theirs but they will identify it as a baby. Then you have another very interesting division in the pro-abort world. The people who actually work in the industry vs political and academic positions of abortion.