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Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Are Welcome In This Place!

Over at US Catholic (forgive me for not linking directly), the following was written in response to an article entitled Hold the applause: Save the praise for God alone!  You will be able to see where this goes quickly....

James a poster over there writes:

You know those regularly blessed minister-ettes and minister-ines? What if I want to be jackwagon this morning and remind the entire world once again that Pope Paul VI made it very clear that the liturgical roles of acolyte, lector, and cantor are for men (viri) of demonstrated upstanding character who have been "formally instituted by the ordinary". These men (viri) can be drawn from either the non-consecrated or the consecrated faithful. Pope Paul VI goes on to remind us that these formally instituted men who do not hold full-orders are called sub-deacons. This is why both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have said that women are not to sing (read) the epistles, psalms, and canticles. Those are roles that are properly liturgical and a harkening of John the Baptist. These roles exercise some aspect of the priesthood which corresponds to the hierarchy in the natural and spirtual realms.

The implications are this. All liturgical roles are for the viri (Don't get me started on the foot washing rite). All of them from the porters (in proper English they are called sub-sacristans and in Latin the word is custos and it is for lay men who are young like St. Joseph... This is one of Joseph's titles. Sub-sacristans are properly tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, or maybe carpenters.) Nevermind the sacristan who is to be a consecrated man if at all possible. The other option and perhaps more common in the secular church is a pious older fella. Exercising these two roles is particularly important to understanding the Theology of the Salvation, as they didn't suddenly pop-up from out of nowhere. In many ways we have mythological ecretions that cause us to forget the living symbols. I dare say the forgetfulness was forced on us intentionally, but I will not go far with the accusation. Anyone familiar...

To which I responded with sarcasm, because there is nothing better than parodying the parody:


Why are you focusing only on one side of the priesthood?  The priesthood is for all!  Praise God for that!!!  If we all celebrate the Mass and the ministerial priest merely presides, doesn't that say something about just who can approach the "Table of the Lord?"

Doesn't it speak directly to the idea that "all are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place?"  Your analogy is too much of a dies irae, dies irae, dies irae.  It's much more fun when everyone can play ministerial priest and assume that they can celebrate the Mass!  That way....yes, that way men and women can all be celebrants in the Liturgy of the Word!  And even in the Liturgy of the Eucharist....which begs a very important question...

If we are all celebrants how can we justify having our backs to our neighbors as we celebrate the Mass?  That isn't inclusive and welcoming.  I don't want to stare at Suzy Snodgrass's braids while I celebrate the Mass.  I would much rather stare at her deep blue eyes and her freckled face!  That way I know she knows that I know that she knows I'm paying attention to her, while the words of institution are being proclaimed by the presider so all of the celebrants can commune together in this most wonderful of liturgies!

You speak of men (viri).  Are you saying that men are virile?  How dare you make men something other than what women are?  Men and women are all the same in God's eyes and they are a People of God inclined to be so much more than their physical selves!!!  That is such a narrow view.

James, James, this new year approaches, I would suggest that you embrace your inner Haugen and remember that "all are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place!"  Because it is where love dwells!

Happy Holidays!

Obviously, James was right.  His view is spot on, but if we take a look at my response, we'll see that there is a widespread misunderstanding of several things...

1.  The priesthood
2.  The Mass
3.  Gender equality
4.  Hospitality in worship

Once the new year starts, I will explore this a little more, but I thought a little humor before the end of the year would be fun!  I wish everyone a blessed and happy New Year!  Please pray for me this upcoming year.  I will certainly be praying for you!  It will be a good 2012,  I just know it!!! 

I'll be back after the first of the year!!!!  God Bless.

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