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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RealCatholic TV...And Here Begins the Persecution....

The Church today has some very staunch supporters.  Unfortunately those staunch supporters are not getting the support THEY need from the leadership of the Church.  We are beginning to see the logical end of the reforms which have taken place since Vatican Council II.  First the Mass, then the CIC and finally the CCC.  There is no defending the both/and mentality, because both are correct.  RealCatholicTV is both right and wrong at the same time...

Herein lies the problem though. Catholicism isn't a "brand." It is a religion. While it is the responsibility of the bishops to protect Holy Mother Church, the idea that to prohibit someone from using the word "Catholic" is ludicrous, especially since there is nothing in the material which SHOULD be offensive to Catholics.

I'm no apologist for RealCatholicTV. I am an apologist for the Catholic Church. I think that as we look at the CIC, we see a big issue which is a huge issue for the leadership of the Church since the reforms after Vatican Council II. It is another instance of both/and....either/or. It is a false dichotomy. How can a just law say that there is the freedom to do something, yet in the very next paragraph limit that freedom? It is illogical.

It would be akin to saying you may approach an intersection without any marking and proceed through, but you can't proceed through unless the police allow you to. The ability to use prudent judgment has been completely compromised.

This is the big issue which faces the Church today. Her leadership is so directed by a mentality of opinion and subjectivity, that even the most basic of understandings are in peril. This may sound harsh, but it is part of the problem with the shift of philosophy from Thomistic to Phenomenonological. When the shift took place, the only real end that could happen would be a move to the subjective. The person is the center and that is how he relates to the objective truths. That isn't right. That is the both/and...either/or mentality which rules the Church today, philosophically. What's right is that the truth is at the center and man relates to the truth by applying it to himself in a just way. This is clearly not how can. 216 operates.

I think that what we see in the persecution of RealCatholic TV is a logical outgrowth of the movement away from objectivity and the move toward subjectivity. When the subjective becomes the focus, then it is much easier to offend the senses. When the objective becomes the focus, there are no senses to offend, because the truth is the truth.

If it can be substantially proven that Michael Voris and RealCatholic TV have done anything other than to focus on the truth, then they should be chastised. To date, I have not found anything that RealCatholic TV has done or promoted, or stated which is anything other than consistent with 2000 years of Catholic teaching.

And that's the real problem now isn't it? The reformers wanted to reimagine the Church in their image starting in 1967. It started with the Mass, it then moved to the CIC, and finally to the CCC. Three of the major defining points of the Church have been re-invented into something of a super dogma. Interesting times...and one which should base itself on 2000 years, not 40.

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