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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My "Personal" Faith????

I did make a choice to become Catholic.  I was 14 days old.  That was the day I was baptized.  I became a Catholic that day and as I grew older I came to understand the importance of the choice made when I was baptized.  I ceased to be a heathen and I was clothed in the eternal light of Christ in His Church.  Surely, you can understand and appreciate that.  As a matter of clarity, there has never been a time in my life when I thought or recognized otherwise.  I am a Catholic.

I am committed to my role as a catechist to Protestants, and other Catholics.  I am committed to my role as an ecumenist when I speak to the Orthodox.  I am committed in my role as an evangelist when I speak to non-Christians.  My "discipleship" as you put it is grounded in a couple of things...1)  It is grounded in a proper understanding of Religious  Tolerance, to which I just described to you in a nutshell.  2) It is grounded in a proper sense of Ecclesiology which is made manifest through the 2000 year history of the Church.  3) It is grounded in the Mass, authentically celebrated as witnessed by the saints and faithful of the Church from the beginning until today.  4) It is grounded in the Authentic Magisterium of the Church which, by it's union with the Holy Father brings about the salvation of mankind through orthodox theology and right thinking when applied through philosophy.

 What I believe is contained in the Faith of the Church.  I accept that faith.  It isn't a personal choice so much as it is an assent of the will, illuminated by the sacramental graces which have been afforded to me.  The Faith of the Church will remain unchanged regardless of my belief, so it is, in my estimation, not my belief, but rather my assent of the will which bolsters my "personal" faith.

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