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Saturday, January 22, 2011

From a young writer over at Sub Tuum....

This is her first real sware into the Traddy world via writing, so it's a little raw, but the sentiment is there...

Traditionalism, the curse of the modern world, the embarassment of modern Catholics. So often is the word "traditional" spat out with distaste, like wine which has turned. Why is it that when a person identifies themselves as a "traditionalist", people automatically add schismatic, heretic, throw back, antiquated, outdated, pre-conciliar to it. They writhe in distaste at the sight of a chapel veil, obviously ignorant of the sacredness it symbolizes, the mystery of femininity, the veiling of that which is pure and holy. When the so called "dead language" of Latin is quoted from, or prayers of old are recited in it, a translation is screamed for, and an inclusive one at that, lest some one be offended. Gone are the days of a Sacred language, which people often associate with Catholics, oh, pardon, traditionalists. Beautiful customs and rubrics of the extraordinary form of the Mass are ridiculed, and the Most Sacred of Presences is profaned, because after all, Jesus is our buddy, and it's unsanitary to have a priest who's hands have been consecrated by the Shepherd of the Church place the Body of Jesus Christ, Son of God into one's mouth. It's considered uninclusive to have the priest face the same direction as the faithful, rather than fac the people. And because Rossini, Bach, Kodaly, and so many others are old, we need to borrow music from Baptists, Protestants, in general, anyone who is not traditional. And when a person whishes with all their hearts for some of the beauty of old, the incense, the vestments, the reverance, the music...they are belittled, they are titled prideful, pharisee, TRADITIONALIST.
Why? Because, they are of course inferior to those who desire are trapped in the heresy of Modernism, something that takes little effort to understand. Modernism, which is completley devoid of all mystery, all beauty and indeed it is a heresy condemned in the 20th century. It is a sanitary imitation of something Divine. Modernists don't want to think of God as just their friend, as well as their Saviour, their King, their Beloved, their Master, their ALL. They want to take away the Divine pedestal, and make him their buddy.
Is it perhaps considered unfaithful to the Pope to be traditional? That would be airing on the side of just plain bizarre. After all, our beloved Pope Benedikt is encouraging latin in the Mass, cassocks and cottas, and a tip of the birettas. So perhaps the Modernists have it all backwards, perhaps they are confused, perhaps they are backwards. Because,you see, the truth is that Latin is the new modern. TRaditionalism is the new radical. Hymns from such musical geniuses like Palestrina and Mozart are the new cutting edge. Whether or not all the backward people who admire Marty Haugen and adore little girls in surplices like it or not, there's a new wind blowing.
And this wind which is blowing with the force of the Holy Ghost is giving us handsome young men in cassocks with collars giving it all to Christ, beautiful women in habits, calling Christ "beloved" and eagerly giving everything up for He Who Is,and bringing by the truckful fallen away Catholics. These young people want to go the whole league for Christ, no more half stepping modernistic things for them. The Summorum Pontificum has been written, the Traditional Latin Mass has been emanicipated. Wake up and smell the incense, whether you go to the Traditional Latin Mass or the New Ordinary Mass, you will have smells, bells, and tradition. We are traditionalists, and we are the New Radical.

Not too bad...the polish will come...


  1. Not too bad, huh Heather. Sorry I couldn't make it back yesterday...

  2. How are things with your parents? Are they ok? Mass was fine, even with Fr. K...once again, the schola was FLAWLESS!!

    Too bad you missed the party yesterday, it was fun.