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Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Traditional Photos of Holy Mass

Who says we can't get back to this?????

Pontifical Mass

Confetior High Mass

Pontifical Mass

Solemn Mass, notice the tonsure (1st Mass)

Who said concelebration was better?

Mass during WWII, notice the patient in the foreground...

Holy Communion

Deacon distributing Holy Communion

Sung Mass w/o incense


Dominican Rite, notice the fannon

Dominican Rite


  1. I need help with something. I am fighting this notion (in an extremely progressive parish) that private Masses were done by monks in their cells, and then it spread to the whole church, when in fact Mass was never intended to be said that way. Do you know the history of private Masses, or point me to where I could start? Thanks, and I appreciate it.

  2. some of the photos look very familiar and from the Philippines!

    anyways, the first one looks like an Episcopal Consecration/Ordination. by any chance do you know who was being ordained, when was it, and who?

    btw, congratulations on the new blog! im looking forward to reading it regularly.

  3. Masses were never celebrate din their cells. In most monestaries that have not been modernized, you'll see several side altars. What would happen is that two monks would be assigned to an altar. One would say Mass, the other serve. Then the one who served would say Mass and the previous celebrant would serve. At some point later in the day, the abbot or a designated celebrant would celebrate the conventual Mass, which all the monks would attend.

    This did spread through the Church, but the reality is that throughout most of the Church's history, most secular priests were alone, so there was not a need for multiple altars. But if a parish had several priests, they would say their Masses privately on the Mary altar or in the chapel or if the parish had several Masses a day, at their respective times. The tradition did grow from teh monastic model though.

  4. Hi Kate,

    They are and they are....I have a priest friend who is Filipio and he forwarded me these pictures several years ago, but I have found them online several different places through time....

  5. The first photo is an episcopal consecration, but I don't know who it is. We know that it is an episcopal consecration, becacuse of the co-consecrators in white damask mitres, behind the new bishop who is lying prostrate behind the principal consecrator.

  6. Is there more history on this somewhere, in a book or online? They are using this video series by Kathleen Chesto where she promotes some very erroneous ideas about the Church and Her history.


    I know this is a lot of links, but these are what I have on missa privata...

  8. okay, a follow-up question. the first says that missa solitaire (i know i misspelled) is discouraged, but in light of a priest finding a member of the faithful, it is allowed? yes? so, i know some priests that are very 'with the Church' if you ken my meaning, but i am not sure that they try to find a member of the faithful to say Mass - especially on Mondays. Is that wrong, then?

  9. Discouraged, not forbidden. Big differnce. It is allowed, if he cannot find a member of the faithful.