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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reform of the Reform or just Re-Ordering?

Normally, I won't disagree with the good folks over at New Liturgical Movement, but I really can't see the real growth in the "renovation" at The Dominican House of Studies, in DC.

renovation on the right....

While I see a small improvement in general architecture, I really don't see how this is more than a simple "re-ordering" of the sanctuary....a true renovation would be moving toward the reform of the reform.  Comparably, when the SSPX took over the Dominican Central Province Novitiate, in 1988 (BEFORE the illicit consecrations), and made it their seminary, the chapel was re-dedicated, so one can presumably think that there was some work done, since it had been virtually unused since 1970.  The SSPX may be irregular and there may be issues with them, but from an architectural point of view, they understand how the Mass should look.  I will let you compare the two and let me know what you think....

Seminary chapel of SSPX, former novitiate of the Dominican Central Province 

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