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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reform of the Reform or Re-Ordering, Part Deux

After a lively conversation with my friends over at New Liturgical Movement, I can understand that the renovation at the Dominican House of Studies is more than just re-ordering, but there are several questions that do come to mind....

1.  Why move the altar away from the wall?  It is already fixed and is in accord with Vatican Council II's interpretation.

2.  Where is the communion rail?  If they were going to do the renovation, why not just include it?  It would make sense.

I would point you to the thread St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, Dominican House of Studies  to see the whole conversation.  It is a good one and one that I rather enjoyed.  It is always good to hear the views of other like-minded church afficiandos.  Thanks to Shawn et. al. for a great conversation.

In case you were curious, the main chapel at the Dominican House of Studies is glorious, sans "Cranmer table."


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