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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ottaviaini Intervention

The Ottaviani Intervention

If you've never taken the time to read it, here it is for your parousal..... Here is the introductory letter.

September 25, 1969
Most Holy Father,

Having carefully examined, and presented for the scrutiny of others, the
1. The accompanying critical study of the

2. The pastoral reasons adduced to support such a grave break with tradition, even if such reasons could be regarded as holding good in the face of doctrinal considerations, do not seem to us sufficient. The innovations in the

3. We are certain that these considerations. which can only reach Your Holiness by the living voice of both shepherds and flock, cannot but find an echo in Your paternal heart, always so profoundly solicitous for the spiritual needs of the children of the Church. It has always been the case that when a law meant for the good of subjects proves to be on the contrary harmful, those subjects have the right, nay the duty of asking with filial trust for the abrogation of that law. Therefore we most earnestly beseech Your Holiness, at a time of such painful divisions and ever-increasing perils for the purity of the Faith and the unity of the Church, lamented by You our common Father. not to deprive us of the possibility of continuing to have recourse to the fruitful integrity of that

A. Card. Ottaviani
A. Card. Bacci
Feast of St. Pius X


  1. Righteous, man! Keep it coming.

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  2. Thanks brother...

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