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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Episcopal Strength; I Pray the US Bishops Follow...

This letter is abuzz on the internet a the moment.  I think that it bears posting here, since we are concerned with the traditional application of the liturgical action.  Perhaps the pastors and bishops who may come across this blog will come to understand that this is what we, the faithful, are clamoring for.  We want this!  The young membership in the Church is your future, dear pastors and dear bishops!  Please follow the lead of H.E. Oliveri, from Italy, he writes (and I translate from the Italian):

Dear Priests and Deacons,

is with great bitterness of mind that I have found that many of you have not taken up and made ​​a right attitude of mind and heart to the possibility given to the faithful on the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum," Pope Benedict XVI, the celebration of Holy Mass "in an extraordinary way," according to the Missal of Blessed John XXIII, promulgated in 1962.

In "Three Days of the Clergy" in September 2007, I stated loud and clear what the value and the true meaning of the Motu Proprio, how we should interpret and how we should welcome with open mind that the content of the document and magisterial with a ready will to believe obedience. The position of the bishop did not fail his calm authority, supported by its full agreement with a solemn act of the Supreme Pontiff. The position of the bishop was founded by the reasonableness of his theological argument about the nature of the Divine Liturgy, the immutability of the substance in its supernatural content, and was also based on surveys of practical, concrete, common sense of the Church.

Negative reactions to the Motu Proprio and the theological and practical guidance of the Bishop are almost always dictated by emotional and superficial theological reasoning, ie a vision of "theological" rather poor and shortsighted, that part that is below the true nature of things that are matters of faith and sacramental work of the Church, which is nourished by the constant Tradition of the Church, which looks rather marginal aspects or at least incomplete issues. Not without reason, I, quoted in Three Days, prefaced with the operational guidelines and principles to guide action a doctrinal exposition on "Unchanging Nature of the Liturgy."

I heard that in some areas, by different priests and pastors, there was also a manifestation of almost mockery of the faithful who have requested to exercise the power, indeed the law, for the celebration of Mass in extraordinary form, and well as an expression of contempt, almost of hostility towards fellow priests willing to understand and adapt to the requirements of the faithful. He also opposed a denial, not very serene, calm and reasoned (but could not be well thought out) to post notice of the celebration of Mass in "extraordinary form" given in the church, at certain times.

I ask to be put away all non-compliant attitude to ecclesiastical communion, discipline of the Church and obedience to the conviction due to major acts of teaching and government.

I am convinced that my appeal will be welcomed in a spirit of filial respect and obedience.

Again with reference to the intervention of the Bishop in 'Three Days of the Clergy "in 2007, I have yet to return on the proper application of the indications given by the Bishop about the good will that must have everything about the space of the church which is rightly called" sanctuary . "indications" About reorganization of the priests and the position of the altar "were then listed in the brochure" The Divine Liturgy ", pages 23-26.

Those indications, more than four years away, were not applied everywhere and by everyone. They were and are reasonable indications, based on good principles and general criteria, liturgical and ecclesial. I gave them time for the priests and pastors especially the Parish Pastoral Councils for thinking with and for Economic Affairs, and also held appropriate liturgical catechesis to the faithful. Those who had not considered appropriate signs or difficult to enforce, he could easily deal with the Bishop, with an open mind to a better understanding of the reasons that prompted the Bishop to give, so they were put into practice so as homogeneous as possible in all the churches of the diocese. They are certainly not contrary to the rules and also the "spirit" of the liturgical reform that was implemented in the post-Second Vatican Council and, from II. If anyone had reason to doubt he could express with sincerity and openness to clear reasoning, and obedience to the will directed, after the mind had more light.

I estimate that now is spent ample time to wait and tolerance, and then it's time for the execution by all indications, in order to arrive at the next Easter with all the priests rearranged, or at least the study of reorganization very start, where the reorganization requires some difficulties in application.

It goes without saying that the non-application of the guidelines, in the time that I mentioned, it could not be considered as an explicit disobedience. But I trust and hope that this does not happen.

Distresses me not a little to having had to write this letter, making sure that I will feel like not writing, if it has been well received and positive effect.

The paper carries with it all my desire that it is beneficial to the strengthening and revitalization of our ecclesial communion and our common desire to fulfill our ministry with renewed fidelity to Christ and his Church.

Finally I ask a lot prayer for me and for my apostolic ministry, and I bless you with all my heart.

Albenga, 1 January 2012, Solemnity of the Mother of God

Bishop Mario Oliveri, bishop

We are not asking for the world.  We really aren't.  Bishop Oliveri understands this.  He has understood this from the beginning.  What we recognize is that the TLM has a place in the Church, AN EQUAL PLACE.  The Mass is the Mass, yet the TLM is treated with vitriol at worst and apathy at best, even by those who wish to see it promoted...why?  Fear!  Priests are afraid of their bishops.  And bishops are afraid of their peers.  This is the proper end of aggiornamento.  Fear!  Fear of pulling the trigger.  Fear of being different.  Fear of being too Catholic.  Fear of being authentic, in a traditional way.  This is the proper end of aggiornamento.

If our priests and bishops would have the courage that Bishop Oliveri has, it would be easy to move the TLM out of the basement.  It would be easy to move the TLM to a weekly Mass.  It would be easy to move the TLM to a decent time, not 1 pm when the small children of young parents are fighting nap time, in order to get to Holy Mass.

Take this letter to your pastors and show it to them.  Implore them to have courage and support them.  Talk to them and talk to them and talk to them about moving the TLM to a slot in the regular timeframe, and in a place where it can have the same dignity as the Novus Ordo.

This is my fervent prayer for any priest and bishop reading....PLEASE give the TLM it's proper place.  If the extraordinary form of the Mass has an equal place, then give it an equal place.  Don't make it so inaccessible that it fades away, or so inaccessible that it cannot survive.  The church is fertile ground.  It will grow, but not if one throws it on rocky ground (basements) or into thistles (odd times).  It needs to be where every Mass is celebrated, on the main altar of the Church and in a time which works for those who assist at that Mass.

This is the intention of Bishop Oliveri.  This is the intention of the adherents...but the TLM cannot survive, unless our pastors and bishops are willing to make the "uncomfortable" step and plant the TLM in fertile ground.

Join my prayer.  God love you.


  1. And pray against this:See post at
    Rorate Caeli blog:Revisions of 1962 missal coming soon!

  2. Andy,

    Great letter, isn't it? I would like to see this bishop writing to his fellow bishops who are blocking the TLM, like the Archbishop of Malta. There one must petition for each Mass and the priest must petition as well and the Archbishop can say "no". We need more obedience.

  3. It's amazing that an Archbishop even attempts to do this. What does it say about obedience? While it isn't infallible, there is the matter of obedience which must be adhered to. Collegiality only exists insofar as it serves their own purposes. More clarity from aggiornamento....

    I am starting to think that aggiornamento is Italian for Satan.