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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Not much news today....just kinda hanging out in the blogosphere...some things which caught my eye as I looked around...

1.  The Michael Voris issue with the Archdiocese of Detroit and RealCatholic TV
2.  The Iowa Caucus --  Santorum, a strong Catholic did very well...essentially won the Caucus (finished 2nd by 8 votes)
3.  The Holy Father is preparing to go to Cuba
4.  Understand your does make a difference, not only in society, but in the life of the Church
5.  Pray.
----my intentions for today:  For my mother's continued recovery; For the unborn; for my friends who are coming into the Catholic Church from the Traditional Anglican Communion; for the reconciliation of the SSPX, soon and very soon; for the repose of the soul of Mons. Richard Schuler; for the ministry of Fr. Robert Altier; for the ministry of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf; for my parents home parish; for the intentions of my friends on facebook; for the ministry of Fr. Ramil Fajardo; and for a special intention kept close to my heart.  I have a list of perpetual intentions which I refer to daily, but the above listed are my named intentions for today.

I don't normally make it a habit of praying publicly, but I thought today was a good day to show my filial affection.  May God keep all of you close.

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