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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonderful News!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I certainly did!!!  There were surprises, there were some great moments of fellowship and there were even a few good presents!  One my prayers for 2012 is that all of you have a year filled of grace, faith, and love.

That being said, I have a good friend, a very good friend who is an Anglican priest.  He has been given his nulla osta.  He has also received his notification that he will be abandoning his priesthood in three weeks!  This is absolutely wonderful news!!!!

In three weeks' time, he will be received into the Catholic Church as a layman.  He then will start down the road to becoming Catholic priest!  For my friends in Des Moines, I would love to ask you to please pray for him.  He is part of the Anglican Ordinariate!  His vocation is one which is a culmination of a lifetime of journey and growth in the truth of the Catholic religion.

Once I am able, I would ask that all of you please give his new parish a try! 

There is an authentic spirit of Tradition. 
There is an authentic spirit of Scripture. 
----Those are the foundations of Catholicism.

There is an authentic spirit of the Unity of the Church
There is an authentic spirit of the Holiness of the Church
There is an authentic spirit of the Catholicity of the Church
There is anauthentic spirit of the Apostolicity of the Church.
----Those are the pillars of the Church

Once St. Aidan's Anglican Church becomes St. Aidan's Catholic Church in a few months, I will post again about them.  I would implore all of my home school friends to take a look.  St. Aidan's is a very stong supporter of the home school movement.  The rector's family is home schooled and it is important, in my view, to welcome them and it provides every Catholic home school family a unique opportunity to be able to relate to the foundations and pillars of the Church.  It is a perspective which allows for the true and authentic expression of diversity to be applied.

May God keep all of you close.  I will keep you in my prayers during 2012!.  Please, I beg you, return the faovor in kind!

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  1. I had heard a while back that this was in the works. Thanks for the update! How exciting!