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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update on the Zagano Issue of Women's Ordination

I have been banned at USCatholic.  Shocking, I know....don't worry though, I'm not too upset about it, but I have taken the conversation and defense of the woman's role to National Catholic Reporter, because Ms. Zagano has decided to do the same.  At any rate, I re-posted my earlier comments at NCR and have garnered this response from poster David Goulet (I am certain not related to Robert, but I digress)...he says,

"Women have so much more to offer the Church than the ministerial priesthood."
Do tell? The Vatican could reform the institutional structure of the Church to allow women (and the laity in general) positions of power and authority that do not require ordination. It hasn't done this. That's because it either lacks the imagination and/or those in power and authority do not wish to share that power and authority with anyone but their own tribe.
Maybe if the Curia threw us a bone we wouldn't feel the need to go after their plate.

To which I responded to him, thusly;

@ David,

You do realize that men don't have a right to ministry either, correct?  So, when I say that women have more to offer than ministerial actions, I mean just that.  Women have a role to play within the Church and that is to worship.  Men have a role to play within the Church as well and that is to worship.  A very few, VERY FEW have been called to ministry, but that is not a right.  That is not something any one person, regardless of gender is entitled to.

Also, within the life of the Church, women do have a role as religious.  They may enter into consecrated life, just like men.  There is an inherent equality of men and women which is very obviously overlooked, because there are some, such as Ms. Zagano who choose to focus on the minute, rather than on the larger picture of religious life.  There are any number of religious orders to which a woman can be legitimately called and the Church encourages this to the greatest extent possible.  This encouragement is just as fervent as that for any man.  But this is overlooked and this is demeaned, because it is the traditional model and that form of ministry is not seen to be of any importance.  I disagree.  It is through the worship of the religious women who pray constantly which has caused the greatest growth in the Church, not in the ministerial priesthood.  Therese of Lisieux, Theresa of Avila, Monica, Catherine of Siena, Catherine of Genoa and I can go on and on and on....these women did more for the growth of the Church than the majority of ministerial priests who ever lived.  Yet women are marginalized.

As I said earlier, this has little to do with authentic Catholicism and more to do with the secular notion of suffrage.  This principle while having a place in the secular world, doesn't have a place in the Church.  Suffrage is a man made ideal, the priesthood is not.

Finally, this is not about power.  This is about service.  Yet, in your post I notice that you don't talk about service, but rather about power and authority.  Perhaps a better understanding of the priesthood and the absolute lack of power is needed.

You're right, David, the Curia does need to throw us a bone.  They could start with a proper implementation of Vatican Council II, which is in their privy...not the ordination of women, which is not. 

I have not been approved by a moderator, but I can only imagine that it will be.  I'll keep everyone updated.  Pray that those who are supportive of women's ordination come to an understanding that this is not a legitimate or authentic representation of women in the Church.

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