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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can EMHC's Purify sacred vessels at Holy Mass...

Recently at a former blog I posted the following with regard to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion purifying vessels...

Absolutely not!!!! The wiping of the vessels is part of the purifying process.

Unless he is an installed acolyte, by the bishop, as an official ministry of the Church, or higher (ie. deacon or priest), he is not allowed to do that. This article speaks about extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, but that extends to anyone serving on the altar. This has been in place since 2006, so either your pastor is unaware, or willfully disobedient. That is not for me to decide, but those are the only two options in this case..he is not entitled to that function. The purifying of vessels is not allowed for laymen. They cannot purify. The most an altar server can do is transport the ALREADY purified vessel to the credence, if so determined.

The article I cite is clear. The letter from Bishop Skylstad is clear. The GIRM #163 is even clearer. Redemptoris Sacramentum is clear. The Church is clear. Laymen cannot purify.

source (cf. #4)
source (cf. #119)

You may paruse the thread HERE.  My handle is Cam42.

Fr. Z over at his blog posted the following:

Redemptionis Sacramentum 119 points out that, after the priest and deacon, the duly instituted acolyte purifies vessels, not someone who substitutes for the acolyte.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion do not… not… have permission in the USA to purify sacred vessels.  This permission was explicitly denied by the Holy See.  It had earlier been permitted, but the permission was not renewed. NB: The Pope himself got involved with this one.
It is therefore a serious liturgical abuse for EMCH’s to purify.  It may be that the pastor of the parish is not aware of this.

You can see his blog post HERE.

As you can view is quite correct and as Fr. Z rightly points out, it is a serious liturgical abuse.  I concur.

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