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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Regarding Fr. Corapi. SOLT

A friend writes:

I don't trust Christians who have something to sell.

What did Fr. Corapi ever really bring that couldn't be found elsewhere? His preaching wasn't anything unique from a theological perspective. He appealed to EWTN types who like to be preached to about what they already know. I'm not against preaching the simple truths of Christ, but parish priests around the country give sermons every week without creating a book/cd/conference "ministry" around it.


There are the obvious lessons to take from this Corapi situation: beware lest you fall, flee temptation, etc. But I think just as important a point to take is that this is why we need to question the entire Industry of Christianity. Question your "Christian university." Question your "Christian booksellers." Question your "Christian speakers." There may be honest, sincere people in this industry, but when you're trying to make money off the Gospel, you inevitably help lay the groundwork for the corruption of the Gospel. There doesn't even have to be any personal corruption...when the Gospel is turned into an Industry, the corruption becomes systemic, and personal corruption only gains ground because the systemic corruption already exists.


The Gospel is free. Beware of anyone who attaches a product with a price to it.
My response is this:

I absolutely agree 100% that there should be nothing that a preacher should want monetarily for bringing the Gospel of Christ to the masses.

Secondly, I've heard Corapi speak and I am not a huge fan. I found him to be very over the top, reminiscent of Jesse "The Body" Ventura, almost to the letter and while his message was Catholic, there was nothing Earth shattering about it.

Thirdly, since his message is the same as what many other pastors and curates are preaching, why is it that he is held in such esteem and they are taken only at face value? That really needs to be explored opinion is that he fit the mold of Jimmy Swaggert, Billy Graham and Robert Schuler. He brought the Protestant Style to the Catholic medium. He embraced the evangelical style and abused the situation for his own gain. Had he followed the parameters as laid out a generation earlier by Archbishop Sheen, he would have fared much better, I fear. Not for his own gain, but for the gain of Holy Mother Church.

I am saddened by the fact that a man who supposedly held the priesthood so close to his heart, could just walk away. I fear there is much truth to what is being alleged. I fear that Fr. Corapi has been caught in the trap of being "Of the World while In the World." I think that he should simply return to the SOLT convent and he should live a life of simplicity and penance. He should say his daily Mass, privately and then retire to his cell to make reparation for what he has done. As for his $Millions of assets, I think that they should be turned over to SOLT and they should use them to further their ministry. Fr. Corapi carried the SOLT post-nominals through the majority of his ministry and as such all his property belongs to SOLT. If there is a stipulation which absolves him from that, I think that he would be well served to turn it over anyway. Fr. Corapi will need five things in his cell: a rosary, a Holy Bible; a Roman Martyrology, the Divine Office and a fresh habit for when the one he is wearing is sufficiently soiled and in need of laundering....outside that, he should be well fed and able to receive the Sacraments as needed.

I will pray for him daily. He needs our prayers. I think that the World can do terrible things and he needs to make things right, I think the scenario above is fair and it is judicious.

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