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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cappa Magna

Fr. Zuhlsdorf and I have a common friend from our days at St. Agnes.  Today, Fr. Z posted this on his blog:

The cardinal’s cappa magna is one of the most spectacular pieces of ecclesiastical equipment.
Recently the Institute of Christ the King had some ordinations and His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke did the ordaining.  Since this was with the pre-Conciliar Pontificale Romanum, His Eminence used the cappa.
Here are a few photos I pull from a collection of remarkable shots of the ordination just so you can see what a cardinal’s cappa involves… and I really mean involves, in the sense of wraps up.

The cappa has the bonus utility of really annoying liberals.

You all do know how I enjoy annoying here ya go, my libby dibby friends...revel in the Cappa.  Love the Cappa.  Get used to the Cappa.  The Cappa is not just for a horse's arse any it is to shut up a liberal so he doesn't become a horse's arse....

I wonder how much 14 feet of moire silk costs, anyways?  Ka-CHOW!!!

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  1. Ridicolmente vecchio!! questa non è Chiesa ma ridicolo teatro!