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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What it Means to be Traddy...

There is nothing scholarly about this, there is nothing profound.  But it is how I see being Traddy, from a Catholic sociological point of view of most of the faithful...

Being a Traddy isn't bad, but it is hard. We're not ever "really" accepted. The neo-cons don't like us because we're raining on their "reform of the reform" parade. The average Catholic doesn't like us, because we're supposedly at odds with everything they know, which isn't the case, we're just at odds with Modernism. While Modernism is a lot of what they know, it isn't everything. And the liberals....well, the liberals just hate us because we're diametrically opposed to one another. I won't say that there are not some Traddys who hate liberals, because some do, but the majority of Traddys pity them, myself included, because they are in the grips of a heresy that they can't see their way out of. And that is truly sad.

So, we fight an uphill battle...and while we don't enjoy it, we endure it for the Kingdom. So, in a sense being a Traddy is bad, because you're never really at peace, but in the long run, being a Traddy is right, because preservation of the Church is the material end of the spiritual fight. We're not trying to reform, reinvent, or change anything...we love Holy Mother Church and we simply want her to shine.


  1. I don't pity them. They are far too intent on the complete destruction of the Church and this country. They don't deserve pity. They deserve to be shut down utterly and completely.

  2. @Heather, I doubt they woke up this morning and decided they wanted to completely destroy the Church and society as a whole. They are seriously misguided, but most of them have good intentions. They maybe seriously ignorant and stupid but they have been indoctrinated to believe they are being compassionate. They should be pitied and they should be evangelized. But if we approach in a manner of being so superior they will never be reached. Just my .02