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Friday, July 8, 2011

TLM in Iowa...

Just a friendly reminder, if you're looking for the TLM in Iowa on a regular basis, here they are....

 Davenport Diocese:
Davenport:  St. Anthony Church;  Sundays 2:00pm (new time)
Iowa City:  St. Wenceslaus; Sundays 1:30pm
Sugar Creek:  SS Mary and Joseph; 3rd Sunday 1:00pm

Des Moines Diocese:
Des Moines:  St. Anthony (lower church); Sundays 8:30am

Archdiocese of Dubuque:
Cedar Rapids:  St. Wenceslaus; Sundays 7:00am & Wed/Thu. 7:00am
Dyersville:  Basilica of St. Xavier; Sundays 12 noon

Sioux City Diocese:
Sioux City:  Cathedral of the Ephiphany; 2nd Sunday 7:30am

All Holy Masses are weekly unless otherwise noted.  Please assist at these Masses as often as you can.  The Holy Father has been perfectly clear that the TLM is a viable and legitimate expression of the Catholic liturgical action.  Under no circumstance is to be assumed, asserted, or otherwise noted that there must be an indult to assist at this Mass.

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