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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crossing the Tiber...

Recently, I had the great honor of having lunch with Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah.  He is an Anglican priest who is preparing to bring his parish and his family into the Catholic Church.  The timetable isn't exactly crystal clear yet, but "this fall" seems to be the buzzword on that.  And it cannot come too soon.  For you see, Fr. Seraiah is going to be part of the Ordinariate in the United States created by Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus.

Fr. Seraiah and his parish will be swimming the Tiber.  And they are in Des Moines, Iowa.  This is not going to be some far off happening where we, Catholics will simply sit back and watch from afar.  No, sir.  We will be front and center.  We have the opportunity to be front and center to a happening in the Church which is rare.  By rare, I mean really rare.  This happens so infrequently, that one can count on one hand how many times it happened in the last century.

As I was reading his blog, The Maccabean; I was noticing a great story of conversion and self-actualization with regard to religion.  Fr. Seraiah's story is one of a pure and movement through the Protestant mindset to the  realization that the Catholic Church is the answer.  Praise God.

In these next days and weeks, we must pray for the swift movement of Rome with regard to our brethren at St. Aidan's.  They want to be in full communion.  They want the patrimony of Holy Mother Church.  They are willing and want to submit and be obedient.  Finally, the already view themselves as Catholic, not just catholic.  As I am able, I will be updating this blog with the goings on.  It is soon to be another branch of Traditional Catholicism in Iowa.

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  1. Thanks for the link to his blog. Now I have some new reading material. =D