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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The New Translation...It Won't Fix Everything....

While the new translation is a good step in the right this point it is like putting lipstick on a pig.  Until we change how we view the liturgy, we will continue to get tripe and fluff and nothing but bad renditions of what should be truly beautiful.

The reality is this, if we are going to see a change it has to be threefold...

1.  Music
2.  Rubrics
3.  Latin
The Mass is not intended to be celebrated in the vernacular.  It simply isn't.  So why should we try?  We are not part of the American Church or the Spanish Church or the English Church or the French Church.  We are part of the Latin Rite of the Roman Church.  We are Americans, Spanish, English and French who belong to the Roman Church.  Of all the Rites in the Roman Church, we are Latin Rite.  Latin IS our vernacular.  Yet we are forced to assist at Holy Mass in our NATIONAL languages.  Like so many things, the liberal mainstream hijacked the meaning of the word vernacular, just as they did with the documents on the liturgy in the 20th century...

If we are going to change the culture and make a difference in the Church, we must not hang our hats on a translation, but rather we should hang our hats on the heritage which is the Latin Rite.  We wouldn't dare attempt to impose the things we've imposed on the Latin Rite to the Melkites, or the Syro-Malankaric, or any other sui juris Church, but the reality is that in the Latin Rite, to impose NATIONALITY standards is somehow acceptable.

I don't view myself as an American Catholic, but rather as a Catholic in America.  That is how we should all view ourselves.  We should expect that no matter where we go in the world, we will get the same Holy it is, we don't.  We get a NATIONALIZED version.  Music which is NATIONALIZED.  Ceremonies which are NATIONALIZED.  This is the wrong attitude to convey.

Vatican Council II speaks of inculturation, which is another word which has been hijacked by the liberal mainstream...we should be promoting a unified Catholic Church, but rather what I showed up above...American Catholics, French Catholics, Spanish Catholics, etc...this NATIONALISM when it comes to the Church has been denounced once before as was called Americanism.  We are bordering on this again...It would be wise for Catholics of all nationalities to go back and read 
Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae.

Until then we have to deal with things which are not in keeping with authentic Catholicism...until then we will have to assume that new translations will lead to more orthodoxy.  The reality is that it won't necessarily do is the proof:

Until such time as we understand that this isn't about being American or some specific NATIONALITY, but rather about being Latin Rite Catholics, we just won't get it and our culture won't change.  Until then, we will see resistance to Latin and to Tradition, because the things which are necessarily Traditional to the Latin Rite are not necessarily traditional to Americans or any other culture, save Rome.

It's time to call for a return to the culture or Latin Rite Catholicism.  It is time to regain what is ours, our patrimony...and we can't do it through a national conference, we can only do it by a return to the Tradition of the Church which she has given us through these last two millinea...

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